About ModPods

From the initial call in 2016 from one of the largest local authorities, Just solutions responded to create a set of modern modular housing pods “ModPods” to assist in alleviating the national housing shortage. ModPods are a range of 10 unique architypes, off site factory built modular housing pods that are built to high quality specification in a clean and precision driven factory environment. ModPods offer a range of desirable dwellings, which satisfy the needs for temporary and permanent housing needs with affordability in mind.


Simply delivered and lowered onto a pre-prepared sote location and instantly connected to all services and ready to occupy the same day. Whether the private or public sector ModPods offer comfortable affordable homes at two thirds of the cost of traditional built housing, robust steel frame structures fuly insilated and fully compliant to meet current building regulations, fire regulations and SAP complient.


With various additional extras such as sustainable energy technologies, Photo Voltaic self-adhesive roof systems, water harvesting, ‘showersave’ technology and modern single and multiple room audio systems. ModPods are built for comfort and security offering a temporary or permanent housing solution across a wide demographic.

ModPods International are the leading innovator in designing and building modular housing pods for the public and private sector.

Desirable spacious accommodation that exceed NDSS minimum living space standards, providing homes for people to thrive in….

Having already been approached by Birmingham city council in 2016 to look at their temporary and permanent housing needs. Andy Cornaby joined just solutions in 2017 to team up with Pete Farrelly to further develop ideas and create a vehicle to deliver a housing po solution that would be fir for mass production.


Recognising the national needs for affordable housing. Setting out to design a range of modular housing pods that would meet the needs of any demographic. ModPods was formed in 2017 as a vehicle design, construct and deliver quality affordable living space that are spacious, compliant and desirable to live in. 2019 the first ModPod a two storey, two-bedroom pod was lowered into place in Birmingham on behalf of BMHT, fully furnished and ready to occupy the same day. An astonishing and unique achievement that has captured the interest of a global audience.

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