Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council


Raveloe Drive
Nuneaton CV11 4QP

Key Facts:

4No - 2 Storey
1 Bedroom (Apartments)
4No 3 Bed – 5 Person
Semi-Detached Houses
Value £1.6 Million

Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council approached Modpods International

Via a compliant procurement process ModPods International was awarded the project.

ModPods establish a new set of drawings, engage with building control, and engage with a new warranty provider in order to hit the ground running as well as design and order steel fabrication to begin the offsite manufacturing process.

The contract was awarded in February 2021 and the modules under construction in ModPods Stoneleigh Park manufacturing facility. Whilst enabling works commenced on site at Raveloe Road.

Unlike ModPods designs that are completely offsite factory built, NBBCs were designed for the modules to be delivered to site and the external wall and render finishes applied post-delivery. Working in partnership with their sister company Just Solutions Group Ltd who completed the enabling and ground works package the project has been an absolute success

Managing a full turnkey solution and engaging with all local authority departments including Streetworks and the environmental agency to conform to statutory obligations for such as dispelling filtered surface water into the local water course.

Project Management

ModPods are robust in their approach to project management. Ensuring that all aspects that are necessary to deliver quality homes, on time, and exceeding client expectations.

A project team was developed made up of key personnel that are responsible and accountable for managing any project. Taking on key tasks within the project delivery program and completing them in the required timeframe to meet deadline of delivery.

A ridged process of quality surveillance is undertaken with a documented quality process followed in line with BOPAS accreditation requirements that in turn offers assurance to the client that their homes are built to specification, complaint and to a precision quality standard.

With regular monthly meetings in place involving key attendees from all interested parties, monthly progress reports are provided that includes progress, commercial information, Health and Safety updates and quality inspection information. The detailed program of works is reviewed at each meeting to ensure progress is on track.

Working in collaboration with their sister company Just Solutions Group ModPods offer a full turnkey solution.


Whilst ModPods International are constructing the modular units in their offsite factory facility in Stoneleigh Park Kenilworth Just Solutions are carrying out the enabling works, Infrastructure foundations, drainage, and landscaping.


Just a close working relationship specialising in delivery quality modern methods of construction

ModPods International are the leading innovator in designing and building modular housing pods for the public and private sector.

Desirable spacious accommodation that exceed NDSS minimum living space standards, providing homes for people to thrive in….