ModPod House Types

ModPods are a range of Ten unique archetypes, offsite factory built modular housing pods that are built to a high-quality specification in a clean and precision driven factory environment.

Whether the private or public sector ModPods offer comfortable affordable homes at two thirds of the cost of traditional built housing, robust steel frame structures fully insulated and fully compliant to meet current building regulations, fire regulations and SAP compliant.

With various additional extras such as sustainable energy technologies, photo voltaic self-adhesive roof systems, water harvesting, ‘showersave’ technology and modern single and multiple room audio systems.
ModPods are built for comfort and security offering a temporary or permanent housing solutions across a wide demographic.

Type A

Type A - Mini ModPod

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Type B

Type B -

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Type C

Type C - Balcony Pod

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Type D

Type D -

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Type DI

Type DI -

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Type E

Type E -

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Type F

Type F -

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Type H

Type H -

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